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The Beginning

Back when I started shooting product and food we did not have the luxury of instant gratification of editing the final image like digital imagery today. Equipment for a professional studio could set you back a minimum of $30,000. That does not include film, lab fees and other studio. A full blown studio is still expensive today. The difference today is that there are alternative choices to producing high resolution photography on a budget. Given the rise of Pinterest, Instagram and food bloggers the demand is greater than back in my day behind the camera. Today the camera of choice is an iPhone, lighting can be a window and maybe a white board reflector.

So with this site I am going to show you how to take shots like a professional with very little investment and with little to no photoshop work. The most I use photoshop for in my shots is cropping images or added special filters for effects. Backgrounds are very important in styling food photography but not necessary. You can use your kitchen countertop, table or any other surface as long as it does not over power your main focus, the food shot.

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